Fishpowered browser showing themes and customisation

Fishpowered updated!

Here are some highlights…

New spam blocking tool

Swipe to change tab now works on whole page

This was changed to better support Android 10 gestures. The old "swipe from edge" gestures are still available but disabled by default.

New customisation options

"Open links in external apps" (disabled by default), "Custom CSS" per site, "Custom JS" per site, "Download images only over WiFi", and additionl font settings have been added.

Also if you happen to know CSS and Javascript you can now add your own rules to each site in the site settings.

Offline read later pages

When selecting links/pages to read later, they can now be saved for offline viewing.

New history view

Page history is now grouped by website and history from a particular website can easily be viewed and deleted.

Release notes for older versions

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