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Your browser your rules! Image showing the sexy browser themes and customisable interface Less bull, more cat! Image showing a before image of a browser with a grumpy cat surrounded
					by ads and cookie warnings and an after image of a cat visible on the full screen holding two thumbs up. I couldn't find
					an image of a cat with two thumbs up like this so I had to cut out the thumb of a cat who was holding one thumb up and photoshop it
					on to both cats. Happy lady listening to web pages while on the move We love videos! Listen to videos on the move (image of guy locking the screen while playing a youtube
					video and putting it in his pocket). Watch while you browse (image of pinned video while browsing Twitter). Download or save for later. Your favourite stuff in one place. Image showing how you can collect your favourite pages, videos, images and quotes you find around the web Privacy simplified (image showing simplified privacy options like 'block advertisers tracking you' and 'incognito mode protection: EXTREME!'. Trusted security - image showing the browser blocking a deceptive website Dark themes and night mode - image showing how nightmode darkens the web page without darkening images. Perfect for battery saving and night browsing Full screen mode, swipe between tabs, multi-tasking window, bookmarks arranged by tags, customisable buttons, inline definitions, translations and unit conversions

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Fishpowered is a browser for people who love the web but are tired with all the ads and privacy hassle they see on modern websites, for people who love to multi-task, and for people who love to customise their software to make it their own!

Featuring ad blocker, cookie warning blocker, tracking/tracker blocker, privacy precautions, pinnable windows, gestures, themes, and more coming soon.

The best browser for saving bookmarks, favourites and content?

Too busy to read an article or watch a video now?

Best browser app for customisation?

Best browser app for privacy?

Open development

Give feedback to the developers, see the code, and follow along with development as new features are developed live on Twitch.

Remember when you could use a phone with one hand?

A useful night mode

Fast and secure


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